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Horigen 3D Breast Pump Kit (2pcs) - 21mm/25mm/29mm (For Double Pump)

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Natural 3D breastfeeding feeling, 100% food grade silicone; BPA free, no plasticizer.


Product Description:

1. Soft comfortable 3D liquid silicone shield

Horigen breast pump kit is made from soft and food grade liquid silicone flange which is similar as baby’s mouth. The lips absorbing on the breast, the palate and tongue alternatively squeezing and stretching the nipple to stimulate lactation, which brings mother the natural feeling of breastfeeding. It is more comfortable than hard plastic flange from other brands.

2. Suitable for ALL brand pump Machine

Suitable for ALL brand pump Machine (like Spectra, MUIFA, Zeus, Ele, Real Bubee, Bebeta, cmbear, Doopser, Plextone, Wisemom, Philips Avent, Huppy Buppy, Phanpy...more)

3. BPA free and closed system, Less parts and easy to clean.

All parts of the pump are made from food grade material and do not contain BPA and any hazardous content. The pump is a closed system pump. The milk never flow back into the tubing and pump motor. Meanwhile, it contains few parts and each part is easy to clean.

4. 3 size for you to choose

3D breast pump kit have three size for you to choose: 21mm, 25mm, 29mm. Suitable for all mother

5. Can steam sterilized and boiling water sterilized.


All accessories that come into contact with breast milk need to be disinfected daily, recommended to replace them every 3 months.

Wish you a wonderful breastfeeding journey. 

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