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Horigen Double Electric Breast Pump

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Horigen Pink 3D Double Electric Breastmilk Pump is suitable for all breastfeeding mothers, especially new mothers.

Solve problems of flat or inverted nipples, to help mothers’ breastfeed successfully.

It is super soft and gentle when sucking, minimizes the pain of the nipples and breasts, relax the mother's breasts.

Pumping both breasts at the same time doubles the amount of milk and reduce the mother's breastfeeding time.

The breast pump has a long endurance built-in rechargeable battery and is compact for easy portability.

The 2 in 1 mode can sense the breast and automatically switch from Stimulation and Expression freely, which brings the most comfortable and peaceful feeling

Advantages of Horigen 2238A Double Breast Pump:

1. Soft comfortable 3D liquid silicone shield

Horigen breast pump's suction is very gentle and painless.

It is made of food grade liquid silicone flange, similar to baby’s mouth.

The lips adsorbing on the breast, the palate and tongue alternatively squeezing and stretching the nipple to stimulate lactation, which brings mother the natural feeling of breastfeeding.

It is comfortable, unlike hard plastic flange.

Horigen patented 3D flange has 3 steps to collect milk, it massages, squeeze, and suck breast milk, it helps mothers to increase breast milk volume in very short time.

2. BPA free, anti-flowback system, lesser parts and easy to clean.

Horigen’s breast pump uses 100% food grade material and medical silicone, does not contain BPA and any hazardous content. The pump has a closed system, to stop breast milk to flow back into the tubing and pump motor. It contains fewer parts and is easy to clean.

3. Rechargeable & Long Endurance Battery

Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, convenient for outdoor, indoor, on car or in feeding room. It can be recharged using power banks. It is equipped with 3 pin power adapter with safety mark, and USB TYPE-C charging port. It can be used for 4 to 5 cycles per charge.

4. Unique 2 in 1 mode

Horigen pink breast pump has three modes: Stimulation, Expression and 2 in 1 mode. Each mode has 9 levels. It is for mother’s comfort to empty milk effectively. The 2 in 1 mode can auto detect mother’s nipple and auto switch between stimulation and expression, feeling comfortable and peaceful.

5. Easily switch from double pump to single pump

When using as a double breast pump, it doubles the amount of milk and reduce mother's breastfeeding time.

After feeding, mother can use single pump to suck the other breast, to avoid one side larger than the other situation.

6. Ultra Quiet

The pump is quiet and discreet, less than 40dB. You can pump without disturbing your baby’s sleep.

7. Portable & Easy to operate

The pump is compact, small, lightweight, with easy lift leather handle. The clear LED screen and advanced touch panel shows clear real-time info.

Certifications: CE/EU/FDA/CIQ/SGS

Pump motor size: 120*100*75 mm.

Input: 5V, 2A.

Power Type: Built-in rechargeable lithium battery

Battery capacity 2200mAh

What’s included?

1. Pump unit * 1

2. User manual * 1

3. 3 Pin Power adapter with safety mark and USB line * 1

4. Breast shield body * 2

5. 21mm Silicone cushion * 2

6. Dust Cover * 2

7. 120ml wide neck bottle * 2

8. Bottle lid *2

9.bottle stand * 2

10. Diaphragm * 2

11. Diaphragm cap * 2

12. Tube with connectors * 2

13. Feeding nipple set * 1