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Horigen Wearable Portable Electric Breast Pump

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Horigen SuperStar is a wearable hands-free breast pump that has no tubes or wires. It is incredibly small to carry compared to the traditional big motor pump. No more audible whooshing sound. Wear under your bra and pump truly hands-free.

Default sizes:25mm flange, 17mm insert and 21mm insert

Cup capacity: 150ml

Warranty: pump motor has 1 year warranty


1. Wearable & Portable

This is a hands-free breast pump. No huge motor, tubes, or wires. It is lightweight and can wear under your bra to pump truly hands-free.

2. Rechargeable & USB & Type-C

It has rechargeable 1300mAH battery. Use an 5V-2A adapter to connect USB cable for charging. It can also be recharged via car chargers, your computer or power bank.

3. Stimulation and Expression Mode

SuperStar has 2 modes, stimulation and expression. Each mode has 5 vacuum levels. Simply press "+" or "-" to adjust the power strength to find your preferred level in both modes.

Stimulation mode is a fast pump rhythm, to stimulate milk to let-down. 

Expression mode is a slow pump rhythm, for efficient milk expression.

4. Quiet

The pump is very quiet, under 50dB, prevent disturbing your baby's good sleep. No more audible whooshing sound, can use anywhere, no need to be afraid of embarrassment.

5. Anti-backflow Closed System Design

It prevents the breast milk flowing back to the motor.

6. 3 sizes silicone cushion

There is a 25mm silicone cushion inserted the pump, which fit for women's chest curves. If needs smaller size, a 17mm or 21mm insert that can fit into the 25mm cushion, no need to remove the 25mm cushion. (1pc 17mm and 1pc 21mm cushion insert are free and packed with breast pump.)

7. Detachable Accessories for Easy Cleaning

The accessories can be clean by using baby product detergent. Can be sterilized by boiling, UV and steam. The steam sterilization or boiling should not exceed 30 seconds.

Note: The pump motor cannot wash

8. Food Grade Silicone, Tritan, PP Material and BPA Free

All parts are in food grade material, can use it without worry. The temperature for the parts shall not exceed 110℃, especially the Tritan bottle.

Notice: All accessories are recommended to be replaced after every 3 months of using.

** Only for purchase of one pair, FREE Horigen Wearable breast pump bag **