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Mama Warehouse Silicone Nipple Ruler

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We often get questions on how to measure nipple size to find the best flange fit for breast pump.

Understanding this need of mummies, we present to you our very own Mama Warehouse silicone nipple ruler!

This tool will make measuring much easier and quicker especially when nipple sizes change from time to time throughout the breastfeeding journey!

It is made of silicone, so it is skin friendly, flexible and lasting.

In comparison to thin plastic or paper measuring tools, silicone is more comfortable and stable hence giving mummies a better user experience.


  • Silicone material
  • Circular guide with 21 nipple holes from 10mm to 30mm
  • Ruler Guide from 0mm to 160mm 
  • Color: Pink

Before measuring

  • Try to make your nipple protrude more by stimulating them
  • Measure before pumping/breastfeeding

Ruler Guide measuring steps

Follow the measuring guide as follows for measuring with the ruler guide


Circular guide measuring steps

  1. Place the nipple in the smallest circle that fits comfortably, not too tight nor loose.
  2. The whole nipple should be completely inside the circle.
  3. Refer to diagram above to check that the area to measure is inside the circle.
  4. Your nipple diameter will be the mm on the circle.
  5. Add 4mm to your measurement to get your suitable flange size.


  • Measure each nipple individually as measurement of nipples may differ for the left and right breast.
  • Due to changes in nipple sizes during the breastfeeding journey, it is important to check the size regularly especially when discomfort is felt from your existing flange or if you are unable to empty your breast effectively during a pump session.
  • Type of flange (silicone or plastic) may feel different for some mummies, hence they size up or down depending on own comfort/preference.
  • Nipple elasticity may also affect the flange size you need. Size down if you have elastic nipples and size up if you have less elastic nipples. 

Disclaimer: Pumping involve quite a bit of trial and error. Tools can help make your journey easier but it is not a fool proof method. Above is just a guide and your actual flange size may differ. If you are experiencing nipple pain, please consult a lactation professional.