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Alilo Early Educational Talking Pen (Bilingual - English and Chinese)

Sale price$159.00 SGD

Interactive learning with more fun! The Alilo Talking Pen is packed with functions to keep the children entertained. It is a learning aid, a toy, a media player and a recording device!

The device comes equipped with a high quality sensor and is easy to operate: Simply hold the pen onto one of the marks, and the saved content will be available instantly, thus offering a consistent and satisfying learning experience.               

Safe Material And Eco-Friendly: The talking pen is made of high-quality ABS material. It does not contain harmful substance, it is durable and safe to use.

4H Battery Life: Built-in 660mAh battery; the talking pen can last for about 4 hours.

Explorative Learning with books: The set includes a wide variety of books for children to explore and learn. Covering topics that encompass daily life including animals, transportation, public places, vegetables, fruits, colors, food and nature. As well as Chinese poems, habits building, Hanyu pinyin, nursery rhymes and many more! These books help to introduce the world to our little ones.

Interaction: Children can learn logical thinking, color recognition, counting, phonics and more through the guided interactive games and pictures.

Light weight and convenient: Travelling with the talking pen is convenient due to it’s compact size. On it’s own, the talking pen is packed with contents to entertain the children! There are 89 english nursery rhymes, 41 lullabies, 80 mandarin nursery rhymes, 80 mandarin short stories and 92 chinese ancient literature topics! Be blown away by what the talking pen has to offer!

Perfect Gift For Kids: The talking pen is definitely a perfect birthday and Christmas gift set for kids attending preschool and primary school.

Suggested Age: 2-7

Comes with expansion packs that are sold separately. Our expansion packs (more content) are all compatible with this talking pen. One talking pen is enough to access unlimited amount of content from the various expansion packs! For more information about our expansion packs, do check out the other listings at our shop.


  • 1 Talking Pen (Speaks English & Mandarin!)
  • 3 Story, Games & Activity Books (more than 40 nursery rhymes!) Sung in both English & Mandarin!
  • 2 Adjectives, Vocabulary & Nouns Books (more than 1500 words of countless categories in both English & Mandarin!
  • 1 Piano Mat in both English & Mandarin!
  • 1 Alphabet Reading Chart in both English & Mandarin!
  • 16 Chinese Interactive Educational Books (for older children, up to primary school) in both English & Mandarin!
  • 180 Magic Stickers for self-recording
  • 1 Charging Cable
  • 1 Instructional Manual